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C purlin In Stock

C100 1.5mm *6m  $40 each
C150 1.2mm *6m  $42.9 each
C150 1.5mm *6m  $50 each
C200 1.9mm *6m  $81 each
C200 1.9mm *8m  $108 each
C250 1.9mm *8m  $123.5 each 
Brand New Twirib Roof Sheeting 0.42mmBMT G550
ColorBond Shale Grey 2m: $20 each

invisi-guard 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh 

(1)$172/ sheet, plus GST
(2)$169.3/sheet plus GST ,(3 sheets),
(3)$168.9/sheet plus GST(5 sheets), and
(4)$162.4/sheet plus GST (10 sheets)

(1)$216/sheet, plus GST
(2)$211.7/sheet plus GST (3sheets),
(3)$207.4/sheet plus GST (5 sheets), and
(4)208/sheets plus GST (10sheets)

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