Ridge Capping

We offer first-rate COLORBOND® ridge capping that can be used on corrugated steel roofs.

Our range of ridge caps can be customised according to the dimensions of your order. The roofing sheets are then contour fitted, making it suitable for any roofing system.

Our team of designers and engineers work hard to ensure precision and high quality execution on every order. From the begining process of mixing raw materials to the transformation and fabrication of the final product, our steel roofing and ridge capping guarantees that your house will remain protected for years.

At Dynamic Steelform, we offer two types of ridge capping: 0.40 mm and 0.55 mm thickness for Flat Type and Rolled ridges. Rolled type ridges are a traditional style of capping that is commonly found on corrugated steel roofs. A stiffening rib can be implemented to increase strength. Nowadays, a simple 3 Bend Ridge Cap is used as an alternative. This ridge capping goes well with corrugated steel roofing and provides a durable and perfect finish.