Five Benefits of Colorbond Fencing

2022 is officially here, and for many people, this is the perfect opportunity to give their home an indoor or outdoor makeover. If you are considering installing a new fence or upgrading your existing one, here are five reasons why we think you should choose Colorbond fencing.


Built to last

All Colorbond fencing is made from Colorbond Steel and is designed and manufactured to withstand years of use in Australia’s harsh conditions (heat, wind, rain, dust etc).

Unlike wood fences, Colorbond fences will not warp, absorb water or rot after periods of rain. They will not be affected by troublesome pests like termites.

Colorbond fences are also fire resistant. You’ll be pleased to know that, in a study conducted by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre, of all the materials tested on different types of fencing in a bushfire testing project, Colorbond steel performed the best under all exposure conditions, including testing used to simulate the potential effects of an adjacent house fire.


Easy to maintain

Once installed, Colorbond fences are extremely easy to maintain. Maintenance typically only involves a quick wash down with a hose and soapy water every once in a while, and does not require sanding, staining or repainting as wood fences do. If you properly take care of your Colorbond fence, you can expect it to last a very long time (anywhere from 20 to 25 years).


Aesthetically pleasing

At Dynamic Steelform, our range of Colorbond fencing and other fencing products come in a range of stylish colours that can help to either blend in or stand out from your home and its surroundings. The Colorbond fencing colours we stock include variations of greens, blues, creams, greys and blacks.


Safety and privacy

Want to avoid nosy neighbours and those passing by? Install a Colorbond fence! They are perfect for increasing privacy and keeping your children and pets from running out onto a nearby road when you are not looking.


Environmentally friendly

Steel is one of the most sustainable building materials available on the market today. It is very durable meaning it does not need to be replaced often, and when it does need to be replaced, then it can be either repurposed or recycled. For more information on this point, check out our previous blog!


Why Choose Dynamic Steelform?

Located in Forrestdale, Western Australia, Dynamic Steelform are leading manufacturers of steel solutions including steel framing, roofing and fencing.

We are an official provider of Colorbond products and our range includes Colorbond rainwater products, Colorbond roofing products and Colorbond fencing products (including fencing sheets, panels, rails and posts).

Our Colorbond fencing sheets can be rolled and cut precisely to your needs and we can also provide complete panel kits. Ready to start your next project or need some more information? Contact the friendly and knowledgeable, team at Dynamic Steelform today!

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