What Are Purlins And What Are They Used For?

z purlin

Purlins are longitudinal, horizontal bars or beams used for structural support in buildings, primarily in roofs. They also help to increase a building’s resistance to heavy winds and earthquakes. Today purlins are commonly manufactured from galvanised steel (the galvanisation process helps to protect against corrosion and rust). Steel is also popular construction material as it … Read more

Five Benefits of Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fencing

2022 is officially here, and for many people, this is the perfect opportunity to give their home an indoor or outdoor makeover. If you are considering installing a new fence or upgrading your existing one, here are five reasons why we think you should choose Colorbond fencing.   Built to last All Colorbond fencing is … Read more

Why Steel is the Most Sustainable Material

Steel framing

According to the Australian Steel Institute (ASI), approximately 5.3 million tonnes of steel is produced in Australia each year [1]. Steel is an incredibly important construction material and is commonly used for its impressive strength, durability, lightness and sustainability – the latter of which has never been more important than it is now and will … Read more

The Advantages of Truecore® Steel Framing

An important decision when building a new house is the framework, foundations and the choice of materials that make them up. There is a great deal of thought, planning, and preparation involved in every step of the construction process. For over 50 years, steel framing has been used in many Australian homes to construct walls … Read more

Protect Against Water Damage With Colorbond

Downpipe and gutter on corner of house

The Australian climate is harsh and heavy rain can have a huge impact on your roof. Keep the structure of your home protected with Dynamic Steelform’s wide range of Colorbond Rainwater products. You’ll find a variety of guttering, fascia and downpipes that are all manufactured from Colorbond steel to help you protect your roof against … Read more